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Best of 4k TV Technologies In 2015

By on Jul 23, 2015 in Brands, Internet |

In the furiously fast technological battles for the best TVs, 4K OLED TV wars of 2015 are over as for now. After several battles between the world’s reputable electronic manufacturers in the recent past, we are now able to determine the super power TVs for 2015.The Top 3 OLED 4K TVs brands emerged to be, the LG, Samsung and Sony which were able to have products on the list based on display quality and additional technologies to the typical TVs. Checkout the list below and form alliance with the best of the best. LG 65EC9700 OLED TV This is the future of TV. The best TV in the world has a curved UHD screen with infinite contrast and 4k resolution. TV display cannot get any better! High contrast and a wide array of the color realm means nothing less than 1080p views and that is just the default. Color vibration and quality is now available at your home for only twelve thousand dollars. Self-lighting pixel tech optimizes the contrast and 4 color pixel creation means the color quality is a guarantee. That is not all; a sleek design with the screen curves improves TV viewing tremendously. Remember the curve is in such a way that any point of the TV is at the same distance to your eyes while you in front of the LG product. Samsung JS9000 4K Ultra HD LED 3D TV If you cannot match the price of the LG OLED TV, worry less. There is something for you at almost the same power and efficiency. This Samsung product is not just any other TV. With A superb motion refresh rate and a quad-core, processor means that your 4k technology needs are well sorted. In the color performance department, everything is well taken care of with Nano-technology. The Nano color dispersing technique also gives you a guarantee of clarity. An octa-core processor means that the speed (motion refresh rates) of the TV is nothing short of awesome. All the 48, 55 and 65-inch models come with HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports for high connectivity. When it comes to the price, this TV is just the cheapest among the top 3 OLED 4K TVs. Sony XBR-65X900C 65 inch 4K ultra HD TV This TV is nothing short of great! First of all, Sony out shined all competitors with the thin design of the Flat screen TV. There is no better design of TV to mount on the wall like this 0.2 inch thin Sony TV. Do not be mistaken the Sony TV has superb color rendering and utilizes 4k tech to the best. The price of the Sony TV models are fairly cheap compared to the LG product plus the manufacturer combined with Google to provide easy interconnection between the TV and android devices. These Top 3 OLED 4K TVs are currently the most trending due to their stunning quality and pocket friendly cost. from the testimonies review of satisfied costumers of the Top 3 OLED 4K TVs, we can be confident to rate them the highest. These are the best TVs that will guarantee you back the value of your money. You will not regret with either of...